It can be scary moving to a whole new place. You need to find a new place to live, a job and more. All the while, you don’t have the same network that you did back home and may not even speak the language fluently, making things even harder.

To help you get settled as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together a list of some of the tools that we love. We hope you find them useful! Do comment and let us know if you’ve used these tools and what you thought. Know of any great resources we haven’t included? Please share!

Finding a place to live

bedroom-527645_1280First things first. Now that you are here, you need someplace to live. Renting an apartment or buying a home can seem complicated if you are new in town. We’re very lucky that in this technological age there is a multitude of great online tools to help us find a rental or place to buy.

Here are some of our favourite apartment rental sites:

Looking to buy? You might want to check out or

But what are your rights as a tenant in Canada? As a tenant you have certain legal rights. In Ontario, this is covered by the Residential Tenants Act. This act covers issues such as the maximum rent increase a landlord can charge, repairs, evictions, and more. – another great resource for immigrants to Canada – has put together a guide here.

Make sure you carefully review lease details carefully and understand the details before signing! If you are buying a home, consider working with a real estate lawyer. You can find one on Kabuk here.

Getting a Job

There are a multitude of tools out there for helping people find new work. Some of our favourite tie-690084_1280
job search engines are, and With Monster and Workopolis, employers post jobs which you can then search for. Eluta is more like the “Google” of search. It pulls jobs directly from company websites and presents them to you. All three are free to use.

Once you get that job offer, be sure to read your contract carefully and consider having a lawyer review your contract with you to make sure you avoid hidden pitfalls (for more information, check out our resource on common contract pitfalls here).

Eating Out

buffet-315691_1280Perhaps you are craving a taste of home or looking to discover new tastes. Whatever you’re looking for, there is a tool to help you find it. Our go-to tools for finding great food are Opentable (here you will be able to search by location, read reviews, see reviews and make restaurant reservations online) and Yelp (here you can search by location, type of food and more, read reviews, see menus and more).

Meeting New Friendsholding-hands-858005_1280

With new places come new friends and new experiences. A great way to meet new people is by joining a club or group with whom you have something in common. No matter your interest, you can probably find a group on

Getting About

toronto-863428_1280You’ve found your new home, a job, some friends and some great places to eat. The missing piece? Getting there! Talking about navigating Canada could take a post – or series of posts – on its own. We’ll keep things simple… for now.

In Toronto, we have the TTC – a subway system linked to buses and streetcars – to help you get around the city. Most major cities in Canada have an equivalent system.  The City of Toronto has put together some great resources on navigating the city available here.

Looking for information on immigration law in Canada? We can help! Use Kabuk to find immigration lawyers and book an appointment with the best immigration lawyer for your needs. It’s free to use and you can even filter results by lawyers who speak your language! We also have lawyers to help you with your employment, real estate needs and more. So check us out and let us know what you think!!!

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