I hope you are all having a fabulous holiday season and getting ready for a fantastic new year. We just couldn’t let 2015 end without squeezing in one more practice management blog post so, without further adieu, here you have it – a quick read on 5 things to think about for blogging success.

So you’ve decided on blogging as a method to showcase your legal expertise to prospective clients, what’s next? How do you grab interest and build up readership?

Know Your Audience

Write about something you know AND that your target audience cares about. Ultimately, most of you are considering embarking into the world of blogging to attract prospective clients. Therefore, you should be writing meaningful content for that audience. As a lawyer, you have a ton of readily available potential blog content in the form of educational, ask-the-lawyer type posts, or tips to help clients understand what to expect or navigate the legal system. If you are talking about practice management tips, or the new technology you are using, chances are your audience will be fellow lawyers – not prospective clients.


Your content is serious and perhaps a bit dry. Your blog posts don’t have to be. Try to mix in some humour and wit into your posts. After all, you want prospects to actually read what you write (and not as an insomnia aid) and contact you to learn more about you and your services.

While you are setting tone, you also need to figure out a good balance between being informative and overwhelming prospects with too many nitty gritty details and legal jargon.

We recommend finding at least five blogs that you like, seeing what they do successfully and borrowing those aspects from them.

Use Images

People like pretty pictures. Your posts should have a minimum of one image to break up the monotony of purely textual content. If you are having trouble finding relevant images use sites like Pixabay to search for free images.

Don’t Forget to Spell Check

spelling-998350_1920You might have the most amazing and interesting content ever. If I see spelling and glaring grammatical errors your credibility flies right out the window. I don’t think your grammar needs to be impeccable, after all, we are talking about a more informal form of writing, but you should at a minimum proof read your work (getting someone else to give your post a read through is even better).

Think of an Awesome Title

At this point, you are probably looking through our blog posts and beginning to judge me. I admit, I really hate this one, but unfortunately, a catchy, pithy title is key to getting people to click through to your blog posts. Some experts go as far as saying that your title is the most important part of your blog. I wont go that far, but I will say that your title should be clever and intriguing and make people want to read more.

Remember, if you want to increase your expertise via blogging, but don’t have the time to commit to writing a 1-2 posts a week, you can opt to guest blog on Kabuk (this is available on a complimentary basis to all of our subscribers). Contact us for more information!

That’s it for today! Have a happy new year and stay tuned for more tips in 2016!!!!!!!

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