Making sure your legal needs are cared for is as important as having annual checkups with your doctor or making sure you are up to date with dental work.

It says a lot that the overwhelming majority of people we talk to would rather get their teeth drilled than find themselves a lawyer. At least the information to determine dental skill and expertise is more readily available and most people already have a dentist that they trust.

When the need for a lawyer’s skills arises, we usually find ourselves at square one, needing to first search for our legal match. How can we make this process easier and lessen the sheer fear associated with entering into the legal system?

Last week, I went to the dentist for my very first filling. I’m sad to say I am no longer 100% cavity free (apparently flossing every day isn’t enough anymore…. is this a sign of age?). I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, so when my dentist recommended I have laughing gas to aid relaxation, I readily agreed. Apparently laughing gas would be like having a glass of wine, I was to be fully aware during the process, and, full control would return immediately afterwards.

Not so much (unless dentists have some seriously crazy experiences when it comes to wine!).

I remember the mask going on and being guided to breathe in and out through my nose. In the distance I heard a voice asking if I was feeling ok. Then nothing … until I found myself on autopilot back to the subway afterwards.

On the positive side, I still have no idea what getting a filling feels like. Hopefully it will stay that way, though, if there is a next time I think I may forgo the laughing gas.

Likewise, people need someone to hold their hand through the process of finding a lawyer. That’s where Kabuk comes in. We’re here to help demystify the process of sourcing, and connecting with, needed legal services, helping people to make better more informed choices. Learn more about it here. No laughing gas though. We want you relaxed AND totally in control.

You wouldn’t just leave your cavity unfilled. Left untreated, a health problem can deteriorate, meaning more work in the long run. Legal issues are just the same and, untreated, can wreak havoc on your mental and physical well being. Nip legal problems in the bud and find your legal match on Kabuk! Easy. Effortless. No more headaches.

Off topic – has anyone had this same reaction to laughing gas? Is it normal?

Kabuk connects consumers, and small businesses, with the legal providers they need, when they need them, and enables them to request desired appointments online. Our platform is designed to streamline the legal discovery process, putting needed information right at the fingertips of consumers, and helping them to make more informed decisions. For legal providers, we help increase your online presence and improve your customer acquisition efforts. Check us out and follow us at @KabukLaw.