Amazon: Bruising workplace conditions, or good ole capitalism?

The PR machine came out in full swing less than 24 hours after publication of an article damning working conditions at Amazon. The jury is still out on whether reports are entirely factual, but the controversy this article has sparked is intense.

It seems to us that uniform worker happiness is a concept best reserved for Utopian literature. The 9 to 5 working conditions tied to a paycheck and performance bonus big enough to afford a house, car, and a stay-at-home wife have not been seen – by any in my circles at least – since the 1960s… but look how far we’ve come since!

In honest truth, I can’t think of a job where I haven’t been tied to by Blackberry (now iPhone, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring) at all hours… yes that includes responding to e-mails (and calls if I wasn’t quick enough on the reply button) well into the midnight hour.

All said, many of the elements in the Amazon expose appear to be supportive of a truly innovative and merit-based culture. Maybe this is my years of experience in sell-side equity research or our own experiences living the start-up life coloring my perception, but nothing here sounded too “bruising”… except, if true, the lack of compassion for medical leave. I personally agree that a culture built on debating and honest feedback can bring out the best ideas in everyone! That’s what capitalism is supposed to be about, isn’t it?

Still, a good dose of capitalism is no excuse for employee mistreatment in general.

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