So I’ve found your website. What do I do next?

It may seem a really simple thing – I can hear you asking “won’t they just call?” – but it’s really not! A frequent shortcoming when it comes to law firm websites is a lack of clear and simple next ‘steps’.

That’s right – What is my call to action?

Your law firm website’s ultimate objective is to get more of the right clients. On your site, you provide information that educates prospective clients about you, your services and the benefits of working with you. The call to action is how you motivate website visitors to take some sort of action.

An effective call to action, will help you convert more of your website traffic into leads…. and later paying clients. Your call to action should be highly visible (think simple but striking design) and be located on every page of your website.

Here are three that we think are a must! While most of you have – or should have – got calling and email covered, law firm websites can really up their game by adding a scheduling option. We leave the best for last!

  1. Call: This one should be common sense, but I’ve come across a number of solo practitioner websites where I had to struggle – or simply could not – find a name.  Why would I call someone if I don’t know who I’m calling? You are not a commodity – make sure that you stand out and that your contact details are easily found on every page of your website.
  2. Email: Not everyone is going to want to pick up the phone to call you. Sometimes they need a little more information before they make a decision. You want to make it easy for these clients to connect with you and find the information they are looking for. Can prospects easily find your e-mail or fill in an inquiry form to get more information if needed? HINT: Unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions is around pricing. If you offer a free or set-priced consultation make sure it’s clearly displayed on your site.
  3. Book: Can prospects take action even when you are away from your desk or the office is closed? Can they easily book a consult without needing to pick up the phone? As we allBookNow know, legal needs are often time sensitive and can be very stressful. Adding scheduling to your website enables visitors to take action right away and feel more confident that their issue is closer to being resolved. Best of all, empowering prospects to schedule a consult (whether it be in person or via telephone) shows clients that you are truly interested and available to take on new work right now.

Adding booking to your website doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You can easily add a call-to-action to your existing website with our Book Now widget (included as part of every Kabuk subscription package). Interested in learning more? Check us out here.

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