Finding a lawyer shouldn’t make you feel like you are Indiana Jones trying to find the holy grail amongst a pile of fakes.

Think it’s easy to find legal advice? Think again!

Until the need for legal advice hits, it’s easy enough to say that it would be simple matter to find a lawyer through your referral network.

When push comes to shove, things are somewhat different. Your issue could be time sensitive, confidential and very specific. Often, you are also under some sort of negative pressures that have made the need for legal services necessary in the first place.

  • You just got laid off from your job and need to have your separation agreement reviewed within five days.
  • Your significant other may just have handed you a prenup that you need reviewed.
  • You need someone to represent you for impaired driving.

There are many times when it’s difficult to talk to friends, family and colleagues about your situation (assuming they even have a contact for your specific need).

Sure you can turn to Google, but it’s difficult and time consuming to sort through the information out there to find your match, and impossible to determine availability without picking up the phone. Kabuk is here to streamline this process, enabling consumers and small businesses to search for desired legal providers and easily book consultations online in minutes. We’re here to make your life easier and help you make more informed choices.

Kabuk connects consumers with the legal providers they need, when they need them, and enables them to request desired appointments online. Our platform is designed to streamline the legal discovery process, putting needed information right at the fingertips of consumers, and helping them to make more informed decisions. For legal providers, we help increase your online presence and improve your customer acquisition efforts. Check us out at and follow us at @KabukLaw.