Why do lawyers think that high-net worth clients are unlikely to find them online?

Many a lawyer has told me that they simply don’t need a strong online presence to attract the “big-ticket” clients they are looking for. They believe that big business will only come to them through word-of-mouth referrals.

That’s really not the case.

Internet is King

The internet is king when it comes to finding what we need in all facets of our life. In this respect, legal services are no different.

Don’t get me wrong – word-of-mouth referrals are great when you can get them, and certainly play an important role, but the internet is more popular still when it comes to one’s choice of a lawyer. This is vastly different from the landscape a decade ago when the overwhelming majority of lawyer-client connections were made through personal networks.

fish-158336_1280One never knows where that ‘big fish’ is lurking….or who they might be swimming with.

Even high-net worth clients can get stuck trying to get a timely referral, or have a referral already but be looking to do some post-referral due diligence of their own.

Even if one – wrongly – assumed that high-net worth clients relied exclusively  on recommendations from their networks when searching for legal services, who says that “little fish” won’t be the source of these leads, or grow into “big fish” some day down the road?

As Luke Ciciliano of SEO for Lawyers put it in one of our LinkedIn discussions:

I’ve heard this from many attorneys who are trying to figure out how to land the big fish. Many of these are attorneys who haven’t had the big case before and don’t understand that the large cases come from a quality reputation. That reputation is built by representing many of the smaller clients that one will get through their website. In other words, building the referral base that leads to big clients is contingent on a quality web presence.

That’s right – ignoring those smaller clients could significantly shrink the size of your fishing territory.

There you have it. Whether you think the big fish swims in the internet sea, or not, you still need to be online. As always, Kabuk is here for those of you who are looking for a easy way to improve their online branding. Learn more here.

(In case you missed it – title inspiration for this post comes from Where the Wild Things Are).

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