Consumers want law firms to adopt technology that will given them better client experiences.

Lawyers (and law firms) want technology that will make them more efficient so that they can make more money.

Why can’t they have both? Better client experiences and improvements to lawyer efficiency don’t have to be two separate things.

Often, lawyers tell me that they feel consumer-focused legal tech solutions try to:

A) cut them out of the equation altogether,

B) treat them as a commodity rather than highlight their expertise, or

C) are ‘exclusively client-focused’ thus having little appeal to them as they can’t justify paying for a solution that will not help them grow their businesses.

Here are three neat legal-tech start-ups that have introduced innovative solutions that solve big problems for both firms and clients:

Viewabill: The legal industry has traditionally been known for its lack of transparency and communication between attorney and client, particularly surrounding the delicate area of billing. Viewabill is looking to change all this with a solution that aims to improve the attorney-client relationship through innovation, by giving clients of law firms real-time insight into their pre-bill activity and the tools for attorneys and clients to communicate more effectively with each other throughout the billing cycle, before the invoice is sent. The result? No more end-of-the-month billing surprises and subsequent disputes (and relationship break-downs), and stronger, more trusting relationships where both client and firm can thrive. I hear the company is also having great success helping firms oversee internal time-management of staff. Viewabill has a growing base of Canadian customers and was featured in the Globe and Mail earlier this year. Check out their attractive interface below!

Viewabill Dashboard

Beagle: Have you ever tried to read through a contract and felt as though your brain was shutting down in protest? Us too! The good news is that Beagle is changing the contract review process with its easy to use platform for quickly analyzing contracts and identifying key clauses.  Its collaborative tools enable businesses to get feedback and negotiate in real time with internal and external stakeholders. This solution is being targeted at small-to-medium size businesses and solo/small boutique law firms. I see great potential for this to be used as a review tool between client and lawyer. I know I’d love to use something like this!


Kabuk: We are all about increasing client access to, and navigation of, the legal system with our solution that helps clients quickly source and connect to needed legal services online. For lawyers, we help them attract more of the right clients, improve their online presence and streamline their business development efforts. We even have full calendar and appointment management tools that help drive efficiency. BONUS: A more transparent legal system will hopefully help clients that wouldn’t necessary seek legal advice otherwise find the legal services they need, meaning better justice for consumers and more clients for lawyers.

Kabuk Search

What other innovative legal technology solutions have you come across that operate at the intersection of client and lawyer needs?

Kabuk connects consumers with the legal providers they need, when they need them, and enables them to request desired appointments online. Our platform is designed to streamline the legal discovery process, putting needed information right at the fingertips of consumers, and helping them to make more informed decisions. For legal providers, we help increase your online presence and improve your customer acquisition efforts. Check us out at and follow us at @KabukLaw.