No one ever accused a lawyer of being too transparent… This is particularly true when it comes to fees, an area that seems to be shrouded in the highest degree of mystique.

Let me give you a personal example. I had a nearly two hour talk with a fantastic lawyer about some business agreements we wanted drafted. The lawyer in question was witty, patiently explained the process in great detail, and ‘loved working with start-ups’. We connected instantly and were starting to get excited to work with them, only to be devastated when we learned in the last few minutes of conversation, that fees would be an estimated ~$50,000. Conversation came to a full stop right there. Most start-ups (or at least us) can’t afford that level of legal fees no matter how good the lawyer in question is.

If I am looking for a $200/hour lawyer, having a consultation with a $1,000/hour lawyer is wasting both my time and theirs. Why not put fees out in the open from the get go? That is, before the conversation even begins.

We understand that hourly rates are only one indication of total cost or value. Indeed, one must certainly factor in speed (a $200/hr lawyer isn’t such a bargain if they take 10 hours to do what takes a $1000/hr lawyer one hour)  and quality (I don’t want the cheapest lawyer – I want the best at a reasonable rate).They can, however, serve as a benchmark for whether I’m looking at a McDonald’s menu or blowing my budget on Le Pre Catelan in Paris.

It’s exactly for this reason that we encourage the legal providers on Kabuk to add information about fees to their profile page (not only hourly fees, but information about consultations and more) This lets prospective clients find a better match for their budget, while saving everyone’s time.

Transparent Fee Structures

Transparent fees are better for everyone.

BTW – can you find all the $ signs in our blog image? There are four!

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