As the strobe lights and kick-ass DJ would suggest, ‘cool’ has arrived to the legal industry with the launch of LegalX.

I feel blinded by the light (this is no metaphor, I actually do) and dazed by the level of excitement we saw in the room from all the people psyched to be part of the coming wave of innovation. Make no mistake – the wave is coming and fast (I’m picturing 2012 type waves but my co-founder tells me that doesn’t have positive connotations). We’re thrilled to be part of it and have not 1, but 2 (the DMZ’s Legal Innovation Zone launched at the end of April), communities dedicated to legal innovation at our very fingertips.


Innovation needs not only great ideas, but awesome people, and the right infrastructure in place to drive success. I think we’re off the a fan-tabulous start and feel lucky to be present at the birth of both LegalX and LIZ.

LegalX’s Aron Solomon and Jason Moyse put together a proper party complete with entertainment, drinks and a legaltech launch within the launch. No dancing though, unless they waited till our parking expired before starting the real party (please tell me it aint so).

LegalX Panel

Aron and Jason drew in a spectacular caliber of panelists to discuss innovation and the future of law:

  • Monica Bay, lawyer, journalist and fellow at CodeX (@monicabay)
  • Sanjay Kamlani, co-founder of Matterhorn Transactions with previous exit of successful legal services company Pangea3(@sanjaykamlani)
  • Mitch Kowalski, a man of many hats including lawyer, author and innovation speaker(@mekowalski)
  • Dan Lear, Director of industry relations at Avvo an online review platform for lawyers (@rightbrainlaw)
  • Cian O’Sullivan, Top Dog at Beagle, a legal tech start-up that is changing the way consumers review contracts (@beagleinc)
  • Noah Waisberg, CEO & Co-founder of Kira a legal technology company that helps law firms be more efficient when reviewing and preparing contracts (@nwaisb)

Great event Aron and Jason! We look forward to many more.

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