Why do I need to be online anyways? High-net worth clients won’t find me online… they’ll find me through their networks.

Every time I hear someone say this (and sadly I hear it a lot) I want to scream. You couldn’t be more wrong. Building online presence needs to be at the forefront of any marketing or business development strategy.

A true sign of how bad things are is that an appalling 40% of small practices don’t even have a website to begin with. Lawyers seem to – mistakenly – believe that they don’t need to be online. A decade ago that might have been true. But the internet has come like a tidal wave and changed our world, along with it consumer expectations and buying behaviours.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Here’s how things really work when one needs legal expertise.


In scenario 1, I do not have a referral and I go online to begin my search. I think that we can all agree that online presence is incredibly important in scenario 1.

But what about the situation where someone can get a referral through their existing network? Is online presence still important? YES.

Let’s go through scenario 2 step by step:

  1. I get a referral
  2. I immediately go online to do some easy due diligence
  3. If I like what I see I reach out
  4. If I can’t find anything online (this is a reason for immediate distrust) or don’t like what I see (read about my top ten pet peeves here) I simply look elsewhere. No second chances.

I want a lawyer that is up-to-date and in sync with reality. No website (or a really old/outdated website) tells me that the lawyer is out of touch. Perception – fair or not – is that their legal skills might not be up-to-date either.

You need to meet clients where they are (HINT: online). Getting new business is a game of statistics (you can read more about our thoughts on that here). Consequently, you owe it to yourself to be online and be on the table whenever decisions about legal services are made. Don’t have time to build and maintain a website or want to improve your online presence quickly? Sign up for a profile on Kabuk (this is by no means a full website replacement but is a good start). It takes only 10-15 minutes to get set up with a clean, modern, SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive platform for attracting new clients. Learn more here.

The T-Rex was big, bad and ate what it killed. A little – or a lot – like lawyers 😉

We all know what happens without evolution… extinction. And who wants to be that guy?

Kabuk connects consumers with the legal providers they need, when they need them, and enables them to request desired appointments online. Our platform is designed to streamline the legal discovery process, putting needed information right at the fingertips of consumers, and helping them to make more informed decisions. For legal providers, we help increase your online presence and improve your customer acquisition efforts. Check us out at kabuklaw.com and follow us at @KabukLaw.