Some time ago, I stood in front of a big group of lawyers and told them that the vast majority of their websites looked like they were an ode to the 1990s. Understandably, many were somewhat taken aback (and perhaps a little offended). The truth is: an ugly website is worse than no website at all. Don’t take this as permission not to have a website. 40% of you in small practice apparently believe that you do not need one – and you are dead wrong – but that’s another topic, for another day.

I wanted to highlight a picture of exactly what not to do, but figured I would probably get into trouble (please know that I will be reconsidering this decision hard until the moment I push the publish button on this post). Instead I’ll highlight some of the most common mistakes.

  1. Your website is too cluttered. Trust me – white space is beautiful. Learn to love it.
  2. Your website is unpolished/looks unfinished.
  3. You are using generic, stock photography images.
  4. Your website is hard to navigate and I can’t find the information I need quickly.
  5. Your website uses flash or weird animations.
  6. Your website takes forever to load.
  7. Your content is out of date.
  8. Your website has broken links.
  9. Your website is not mobile-responsive. Face it – consumers are accessing more content than ever before via mobile devices and tablets.
  10. Your website cannot be found because you have not heard of SEO and frankly do not care.

There is no excuse for an ugly/poorly designed website. Your website should be a reflection of your overall brand. You are trying to attract new customers right? If not, forget you ever read this.

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