Read an interesting article this morning by Bruce Stachenfeld, on Above the Law, about the great secrets of rainmaking. His take? What it really comes down to is one big ole game of statistics.

According to Bruce “If it is all about statistics, then – mathematically (did I mention I was a math major eons ago) – all you need to do is maximize the number of statistical interactions you have, i.e., set yourself up to have the most “at bats,” and the chips will fall where they may.

Is being up to bat 24/7 really going to be your ‘golden’ ticket to success? No – who has the time for that (even type As need to sleep sometime) – but Bruce make a great point. You need to be consistently visible to be even considered when the need for legal services hits.

Your great big statistics game needs to extend beyond in-person networking and relationship building to the online world. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Consumer behaviour has shifted massively with 76% of adults turning online at some point during their search for legal services. If you aren’t visible when they come looking, they will need to turn elsewhere.

Do you have a website? 40% of those of you in small firms don’t.

If you do, have you spent time making sure your website reflects your overall branding and messaging? In our opinion, a bad website is worse than nothing at all. Shameless plug here (give me some slack – with our official launch this week – I’m kind of obligated to do it), but if you haven’t already, consider signing up for your free trial of Kabuk. It takes only 10-15 minutes to get set up with a clean, modern, SEO-optimized and mobile responsive profile page and start accepting consult requests online.

How do you rank in google search results? If you haven’t spent a lot of time and money, chances are you wont appear in the first page of search results. Most people don’t make it past the first couple of pages so if you aren’t at the top… well, you know…

Do you have an active presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook? Do you have a blog to demonstrate expertise?

This all takes time, we know, but you can start with small steps (no one is saying this has to all be done at once). Once you get the hang of it, an hour or two a week can go a really long way.

You need to be visible to be credible, both online and off!

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