As a consumer, filtering through legal websites for the information I need can be time consuming and quite frankly overwhelming.

Sure we may be vaguely know a thing or two about cases and such courtesy of Law & Order, The Good Wife, or some other beloved legal drama, but when push-comes-to-shove, we often don’t know enough to translate that information into something that helps us choose the right legal provider. Even if we did, who really has the time for that?

What is it that we really need to make a decision?

I can tell you what I, personally look for.

Do you have experience in the area I need help with? Let’s be honest here. I’m not really going to read through the details of previous cases, transactions and publications. Sure it’s nice to see that you know your stuff, and have the track record to back it up, but the average person really can’t tell one case from the next. What I really want to know is if you have experience with the things I’m dealing with.

What is this going to cost me? I know that you can’t quote me costs without hearing more about my specific issue, but I’d like to know the ‘price range’ in advance. If you are way outside my price range, and typically deal only with ‘high-rolling’ clients, contacting you is wasting both my time and yours (assuming you get back to me).

Are you easy to work with? What do other clients think? I’m already stressed out enough that I need to seek legal services. The last thing I need, is having to deal with a problem personality on top of everything else. I, personally, want someone approachable, responsive, and easy to talk to. Someone, I can see as a person too – not just a lawyer. If you are imposing, I may be too intimidated to ask questions I think are ‘dumb’.

Do you actually have the time to take on my case? You may be the perfect fit for my needs, but not have any availability when I need you. A friend of mine, in search of an employment lawyer, contacted over 20 firms before one even bothered to return his call. Perusing the websites of law firms typically give one no idea of whether that firm has the time to take on a new case (or interest in speaking with new prospective clients).

What are you passionate about? Are you interested in the type of work I represent to you? Or are you going to be disinterested in the work you do for me (not a match made in heaven let me tell you), or quote me a huge price to make me ‘go away’. I’d rather a lawyer be honest and refer me to someone who will ‘enjoy’ my work and give it the effort it deserves. Maybe I’ll be business for you in an area you’re passionate about sometime in the future.

As consumers of legal services, ourselves, Kabuk knows what truly matters to individuals when they select a lawyer. We’ve also surveyed hundreds of consumers to hear what information they really need to know… and how they want it presented.

We’re confident that Kabuk will be the easiest way for consumers to source and connect with quality legal providers.

Coming June 8th! It’s not to late too sign up for our beta program and receive three months of free access when we go live!


Consumers – tune in! What are the things you look for in when selecting a lawyer?

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