This morning, I read an interesting post called “If Frank Underwood Ran Your Law Firm“. Ken Hardison, the author of the article noted (and rightly so) that “Unlike an election, clients vote every single day – by continuing to stay a client of your firm, by telling others about you, by recommending and referring their friends and family to you, by posting online reviews and so on. Consumers vote with their feet all the time, not just every 2 or 4 years.

We couldn’t agree more. A satisfied client is worth their weight in gold. According to this Bain & Company study, a 5% increase in customer retention rates can lead to more than a 25% increase in profits.

Happy clients keep coming back to see you. They can be your best marketing tool, giving you positive referrals that bring more new clients in the door.

That being said, the author goes on to say “aim to be the very best you can be… and you’ll get all the clients you deserve.” Unfortunately, being the very best lawyer you can be is just not enough (though certainly being a great lawyer should be part of your core values – that goes without saying). Note that the author is not suggesting that this is ALL you need either. Certainly – they have tons of fantastic marketing articles available on their blog.

All business owners, from the owner of a solo law practice to the start-up co-founder, need to employ some form of marketing and customer engagement strategies to keep their calendars – and pocket books – full.

Online marketing strategies can be a cost-effective way to increase the discoverability of your practice for new clients. Check out our post on digital marketing here to learn about some of the strategies you can employ to increase your online presence.

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