Finding a lawyer takes the average person way outside of their comfort zone. After all, what do we know? Legal matters are not something we deal with, or even think about, on a daily basis. When the need for a lawyer does come up, there is often a negative trigger pushing us to action, meaning we are already stressed enough to begin with.

You lost your job. Your partner is filing for divorce. You are being charged with tax evasion or impaired driving. There are a multitude of things that could drive you into the (questionably comforting) arms of a lawyer. But how do you find the right lawyer for your specific needs? Your matter might be time sensitive, making finding a lawyer quickly imperative. You might not necessarily be comfortable talking about your issues to your friends, family or colleagues, making it difficult to find a referral through your personal network.

So you turn online. You’re not alone: 76% of adult internet users in the US went online at some point during the legal discovery process. The trouble is, there is an overwhelming amount of information to wade through online.

You try Google. I have friends that did that too. Unfortunately, the sites that come up first in search results are the ones that have spent more money and time on SEO, or paid for Google Ad Words – not necessarily the ones that are the best match – and best availability – for your needs. How many of you – and please be honest here – ever go past the first page of Google results?

I had one friend, in particular, who needed an employment lawyer to review a termination letter. That individual called 20 firms looking to book a consultation. An astounding 1 called him back, and that was the firm he selected to handle his legal matters. Not really the best basis to make a decision about your legal representation, but what choice did he have.

While many lawyers have websites, it’s incredibly hard and time-consuming to find the information needed to make a good decision. For instance, my friend in search of an employment lawyer couldn’t figure out which firms were only looking after the employers, which were exclusively looking for C-level cases, and which were even actively available and looking for business. Sure a nice ‘No Thanks’ email would have been the courteous thing to send, but even better would be easily accessibly, transparent information available to all. That would save a hell of a lot time for both you and I (and quite likely the lawyer too).

It’s challenges like these that drove us to create Kabuk for Law. As most of you know, we’re nearly ready to go live, and couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re excited to bring to all of you North America’s first interactive platform for sourcing and connecting with legal providers online. There’s going to be tons of great content as well, to help guide you through the legal discovery process. I can’t believe that there are less than two weeks to go live. Stay tuned for more details and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be first in line for any updates!

Kabuk connects consumers with the legal providers they need, when they need them, and enables them to request desired appointments online. Our platform is designed to streamline the legal discovery process, putting needed information right at the fingertips of consumers, and helping them to make more informed decisions. For legal providers, we help increase your online presence and improve your customer acquisition efforts. Check us out at and follow us at @KabukLaw.