#1 Wstartrekorking from home is like an adult pajama party, but it’s not at all sexy: You and the team were up all night testing the platform for a big release. Somehow your sleep-deprived brain missed a meeting invite notification, so while you’re settling down for a cozy day on the couch with your laptop your entire team arrives at your door-step, ready for a planning meeting. You can’t really turn them away so you end up answering the door in your favourite Star-Trek pajamas.

#2 Mathematicians and back-end architects are not the best pool to consult for user testing: As a mathematician by training, I have very different ideas about what constitutes a smooth user experience. Maybe it comes from years of solving for unknowns? Sadly, we quickly learned that what makes sense to me and my developers actually tends to baffle (and in some cases enrage) the general population.

#3 Even if that “Skip” button takes up two-thirds of the screen nobody will see it: As a population, we’ve navigated away from reading every last detail. If information is not mandatory, it’s probably best not to ask at all (especially at a stage where it could kibosh your client onboarding process).rascal#4 Your cat will become a valued member of your development team: Working from the home office can be dangerous indeed. Your cat knows when it’s time to take a development break and can find just right angle to lie on the keyboard to do so. Enterprising animals will learn the fun of touchscreen and pressing the off button at the most inconvenient moments.

whack-a-mole-375x500#5 You have a serious phobia of bugs (and we’re not talking anything that crawls): Bug finding and extermination can take an awfully long time. As a start-up, you can’t afford to go live with a buggy platform. As such, you see bugs everywhere… even in your dreams. They taunt you.

#6 Developer Time vs. Normal Person Time: Development time quotes are a whole universe of fun. Two weeks of development work will, and can, take a month or two (not including the inevitable QA testing and general bug squashing). In order to avoid skyrocketing blood pressure and aneurysms, its best to multiply estimates by a factor of 5 and be pleasantly surprised if things happen faster.

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