Earlier this week my co-founder found himself unexpectedly locked out of his LinkedIn account. No messaging was provided to explain the decision just a sad 403 error haunting him every time he attempted to log-in. After being able to successfully log-in on the same device, we were able to classify this as person-specific (and not device or site related).

clasped-hands-541849_1280We quickly discovered that accessing LinkedIn support was no easy matter (particularly if you are locked out). I filed a support ticket on his behalf and quickly received a response back that their privacy policy prevented them from communicating with me on the matter. Fair enough, but at this time my co-founder has yet to receive a response and two days later he still remains unable to log-in to his account.

This isn’t actually a story about LinkedIn, but about every business that deals with customers. There are certainly many perfectly valid reasons to lock a customer out of their account or restrict access. What makes the situation frustrating is the lack of communication (the lack of a reason or a timeline for resolution).

As a business owner myself, I am cognizant that communication is one of the things clients value the most, and yet, one of the areas companies tend to drop the ball. After all communication is not a one-time event but an ongoing process.

Let’s end the year (and begin 2015) by thinking about how we can communicate better, not just with clients, but friends, family and coworkers too. Improving your communication process and increasing the level of clarity and feedback you provide will make for happier clients and a better business overall!

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